Tara’s interest in trust began when she was working at Consumer Reports, one of the most trusted organizations in the United States. Since starting Civic Health Partners, she has been working with institutional leaders to reflect on trust issues and develop strategies for earning the public trust. She has been doing that in various capacities (as a Board Member with the ABMS, as a contributor to the ABIM Foundation’s Trust Initiative, as a consultant/advisor to various health, tech, professional and consumer organizations, and as a coach, lecturer and writer.)

Her professional thesis (due to be completed in the Spring of 2021) examines how successes/failures around trust relate to successes/failures of leadership through the COVID-19 pandemic–and attempts to identify what leaders can do to regain trust in institutions and support our recovery. She hopes that her learning can be applied to leadership preparedness for future public health crises and the complex systemic challenges they bring.