Helping leaders thrive in the face of today’s complex challenges

Our coaching clients include tech company innovators, health care industry executives, media leaders, and medical professionals. 

Our individual executive coaching practice focuses on the human dimensions of change leadership. We are skilled in helping leaders guide organizations through change, both planned and emergent. We are not interested in coaching for “high performance” per se (we don’t train clients to be individual “corporate athletes” or “winners”). We can’t help develop “command and control” styles of leadership and we don’t offer much to leaders overseeing “business as usual”. There are great coaches for those things if that is what you’re looking for.

We enjoy helping our clients lead purpose-driven organizations through the challenges of a complex environment, guided by ethics, empathy, and evidence. Depending on the client’s needs, coaching may address topics such as supporting a client’s growth and self-awareness as a leader through self-reflection and the use of self; defining values and purpose; making sense of what is happening; steering culture change; building resilience; learning trust-building habits; dealing with failure; navigating uncertainty, ambiguity, and discomfort; working with conflict; appreciating positive deviance; understanding and improving relationships and group dynamics; and building adaptive leadership skills.

Coaching conversations will be guided by the developmental priorities and personal goals the client sets in the first session. Any psychometric assessments that are relevant to our progress (for example, to evaluate personal qualities and relationship styles) are included. After each session, we will share notes, feedback, and suggestions for action.

We don’t bring formulas or solutions. We try to humbly ask questions and bring out your curiosity to learn and change. However, we do sometimes provide a hybrid of coaching and strategy (through a process consulting approach) and help leaders shape and implement a vision that is aligned with their values.

If you would like to speak more about whether our approach could meet your needs, contact us.