Co-creating strategies for culture change and public engagement

We work with health organizations to solve problems by reflecting on culture and building strategies that earn the public trust. 

Our partners and clients range from tech industry innovators, health care companies, and employers to professional medical associations, nonprofits, advocacy groups, and government agencies. They have included recent winners of the Health Data Liberator Award, Fast Company’s Most Innovative Company, Fast Company’s Most Creative People, and the Bio-IT World Innovative Practices Award. What they share is a commitment to bringing humanity to healthcare and a belief that dollars, data, rules, and regulations are not enough to drive change.

We have helped our clients move into the future with scenario planning, strategy roadmaps, and strategic partnerships. We have designed engaging digital decision-making tools for consumers and created fresh branding strategies for advocacy campaigns. We have helped to develop more progressive policies around transparency, ethics, and the use of patient data. And we have led workshops on health communications, equity, and ethics.

If you would like to speak more about whether our approach could meet your needs, contact us.